CRM for Auto Auctions

The auto auction business is tough and demanding. Auction management itself is complex and demanding and involves keeping track of a hundred different activities and cannot be managed effectively unless you have great auction management software backing you up.

Cutting edge auction management software deals with every aspect of the auction activity and can make the difference between a successful auto auction business and one that is not. However while the best auto auction software does an excellent job of managing auctions, the underlying database, connectivity between different modules and so on, we found a way that would make it even better and deliver even greater value.

Auctions are eventually about participants and the very nature of the auction process means that there will be many more participants in the auction as compared to the people who eventually get to purchase a product. Every person who participated in an auction is a hot lead.

While good auction software does a great job of managing the auction process itself, something more is needed to extract value from interactions with the large number of people who participate in the auction but did not eventually buy. To really get this value, you need specialist Customer Relationship Management software and this is what MDL Technologies had set out to do.

We have long standing experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We understand how CRM works and how it can add value to your business.

The advantage? Sales people track leads better, manage auctions more effectively, and sales grow faster than ever before. The results are on ground for all to see. Businesses that use our expertise to link auction management software with Microsoft Dynamics CRM are seeing rapid growth and quick returns from their investment.

“Last year, thanks to the streamlining of our business, we sold more cars than ever before in the history of the company.

In our opinion, all these features make the CRM software a true ROI-driven model that increases growth, performance and profits. 

MDL Technology has been invaluable in implementing the CRM system!”

KCI Auto Auction,