Disaster Recovery

Have A Back-Up So No Matter What Happens You Have Peace Of Mind

Off-site backup options keep your data safe and secure in case something happens to your mainframe or data collection tools. Many businesses have not started using off-site backup because they are concerned it is going to cost a lot more than it will actually benefit you to have it. With MDL, there are no initial hardware or software costs and there are many options for payment that fit your budget and allow for a better state of mind when it comes to the protection and backup of your data.

Advantages Of Off-Site Backup

  • Immediate support

  • Eliminates hardware and software obsolescence

  • Peace of mind that comes from a secure, environmentally controlled storage

  • Fast data recovery should you experience an emergency

MDL Services Include
  • Off-site backup

  • Business continuity planning

  • Back-up to ensure properly functioning data storage

  • On-site backup strategies using the latest technologies

The biggest benefit to off-site backup is that it can be automated. Your files are updated daily and you have the option to decide when the automated backup actually occurs each day. Since the backups take place over the Internet, if something happens in your office or to your data you can easily recover files and necessary information from the off-site storage. In addition to having automated backup, you won’t need to pay an in-house IT employee for file maintenance. Finding data is easier than on-site storage when you choose an off-site backup.

MDL helps you make sure your disaster recovery solutions are secure and easy to setup and maintain. Advanced encryption tools ensure no one can access your data without your knowledge. MDL keeps your data safe and secure so that if you ever need the backup, it’s readily available for you to continue business as usual.