Enterprise Mobility Management

Your business no doubt benefits from your employees continuing to work even when they are on the move. This advantage becomes even greater if they use their own devices for both work and personal tasks. It has been found that employees who use their own devices (smartphones, tablets) for work send up to 20 extra company related emails per day and check their business email before and after work. When employees need to travel, they can still get their work done with enterprise mobility.

Any progressive enterprise will need to provide its people with the capability to work on the move. A salesperson who has access to the company customer relationship management (CRM) portal while he or she is on a call is an empowered salesperson.

Mobile Devices Need Security & Management
Here is the issue – all of these devices used by your employees have a large amount of corporate information on them, providing a risk to the security of corporate data and applications. They need to be managed to stay secure and virus protected as well as have the right applications and data pushed to them. A lost device can put you at substantial risk.

At the same time, you need to ensure that the security you provide does not become so intrusive that users give up on working on the move altogether. This is not a simple task. It involves maintaining a very fine balance between security and useful operations. Traditional IT setups in companies are not geared for such a specific technical task.

Expertise is Essential
To put it simply, you need an expert managing the various systems that provide your enterprise mobility. The three key issues to be managed are – device management, application management and information management.

With our expertise in providing enterprise mobility management solutions, we ensure that there is an accurate inventory of your hardware, the various operating systems on them and the applications that are in use on these devices. We maintain a single consolidated view of your mobile devices and deployments, update and remove applications as required from a central control station.

We provide centralized configuration and policy management as well as maintain a remote view over these devices and troubleshoot them when required. All of this is done when your workforce is out on the road without you losing any productivity.

And finally, if a device were to be lost or stolen, a simple remote wipe will ensure that all sensitive data on it will be deleted safely.