Why Financial Institutions are Banking on the Hybrid Cloud

Instead of purchasing infrastructure and updates for onsite solutions, cloud-based products give businesses the ability to adopt and scale their chosen solutions at will. Real-time updates that improve both usability and security are available on an ongoing basis. Businesses, and financial institutions especially, that adopt and invest in a hybrid cloud solution can easily innovate and try out new programs, resulting in faster development cycles, optimized workflow and better customer satisfaction. Read on as we detail why a hybrid cloud solution may be right for your business needs. The ability to adapt is the most crucial element needed to be competitive in today’s global marketplace. That’s why hybrid cloud environments…

Averting Disaster: How Managed Off-Site Backup Solutions Better Protect Data

Disaster recovery planning is a process that helps organizations better prepare for disruptive events. Be it a coordinated cyberattack or simply a power outage caused by an ice storm, disruptions happen. That’s why having a continuity plan in place can mean the difference between a business’ post-disaster recovery or decline. Given that old human tendency to look on the bright side, business leaders are often prone to ignoring “disaster recovery” because disaster seems such an unlikely event. Read on as we detail how an off-site backup solution can help your business prevent data loss and disaster. The first step in disaster recovery planning is to ensure the survival of your…

Kansas City Managed Services Company Details Cybersecurity Outlook For 2017

Security challenges, business data and information architecture are on the rise as hackers and ransomware creators are becoming more efficient than ever before. In short, the days when a simple corporate antivirus solution would be adequate are over. With so much of your data resting on potentially vulnerable networks, a professionally managed security solution may be required. Read on as we detail in the importance of an IT security solution and the outlook for cybersecurity for 2017 and beyond.   Last year, Ginni Rometty, president and CEO at IBM, said, “Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world.” She was right. In the coming years, cybercrime may…

Beware of Malware Threats this Holiday Season

The holiday season is a season of giving, but if your company isn’t careful, you could be giving customers malware instead of holiday cheer. While your company has been preparing for the busiest shopping season, cyber criminals have been heavily preparing as well. The holiday season is a time for them to rack in big profits, too. Don’t let hackers spread holiday malware in your company this season by spreading awareness of the following holiday malware schemes to your employees provided by CSO Online. Business email compromise: Cyber criminals will create spoof emails in a bid to execute unauthorized wire transfers. In an FBI report, it was found that thieves…

Sprint Accelerator’s Inaugural Demo Day Recap

Sprint Accelerator’s Inaugural Demo Day Recap

A crowd gathered at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts on Thursday, June 12, to see the 10 entrepreneurs taking part in Sprint’s Mobile Health Accelerator program.

Though none of the 10 are originally from Kansas City, several are looking at making the city their new home.

Sprint CEO, Dan Hesse, declared the initial run of the program a success and plans to repeat it again next year.

More about demo day and the 10 entrepreneurial teams can be found by clicking here.