Backup Management

One sign of a well-run IT department is that no data of any importance is lost. Ever.

As the scope of your operations increases, managing these backups can become a fragmented task being performed locally by individual IT staffers. Naturally, there will be local areas of excellence in backup management and there will be local areas of failure to maintain good backups. Can you trust your operations to lumpy backups?

Regulatory compliance has become a critical issue for businesses. One area is maintaining records for specified periods. The implications for not conforming to the law can be serious. Once again, the importance of good backups cannot be overemphasized.

Backups are not confined to data alone. You need to back up servers, PCs, manage tape storage off-site and ensure data can be retrieved in a fast enough time frame to provide you business continuity. When the time comes to destroy data, it will be done in a secure manner that is also environmentally friendly.

What does Our Expert Backup Management Solution Provide?
Our expert solution gives you peace of mind. This is what we set out to do when you outsource your backup management to us. To be more specific –

  • We will automate the entire process of data backups to ensure that there is no guess work about backups and no scope for human error. We ensure that none of the locations you want to backup are missed.

  • We will ensure that you have access to your backed up data in a specified time frame decided by your needs and labeled in our service level agreement.

  • The entire backup operations will be managed via a central portal. Bandwidth utilization and backup schedules will be managed completely by us.

  • The security of your data is ensured in transit and at rest. Detailed reports will be available to administrators to monitor the state of their backups. A complete audit trail will provide you information about its use, and our own administrators do not have access to your data.

If the management of your backups is a source of worry, give us a call. We will take care of your backups so that you can take care of your business.