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How much do managed IT services cost in Kansas City and is a local outsourced business IT support company the right choice for your business?


Technology to ease your life with Managed Services.

MDL Technology, LLC is a Kansas City-based IT and managed services company, providing 24/7 support. Our local technicians are certified and fully trained to meet your IT support needs including cloud computing, Microsoft Office 365, disaster recovery, managed IT services, virus protection, data backup to the cloud, networking and more.

MDL specializes in worry-free computer support by providing solutions for around-the-clock network monitoring, hosting, data recovery, off site backup security and much more. Our team includes experts in many IT specific areas with decades of experience. We support a wide range of company sizes and industries including, but not limited to, the following: Accounting Firms, Medical and Public Sector.

At MDL Technology, we provide a wide range of managed and cloud services under one roof. Our solutions help you grow your business and provide security and flexibility. Learn more about our services by clicking the button below.

About MDL Technology

The Modern Workplace

MDL is here to help you find an ideal solution for your modern workplace to meet today’s requirements for an ideal business setting, both interpersonally and for productive output to meet company goals. Whether you need hybrid technology, systems in place for network sharing, or something else to meet the evolving needs of today’s working world, we can ensure that business needs are fully met in the IT department. Secure critical data, implement efficient operations and meet any ongoing on-premise or cloud needs with expert assistance from MDL Technology.
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Technology to ease your life with Managed Services.


During these unprecedented times, adding IT stress within a company is never good, especially with the recent rise in various cybersecurity threats. Telecommuting is no longer a choice for most employees; it’s a necessity. Now is the time to make sure your business’s remote work journey is as simple and painless as possible. See how our managed services can benefit your remote workforce.

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      Our solutions help you grow your business and provide security, peace of mind and flexibility

      Cloud Services

      Our cloud computing services allow you to work from anywhere. By including cutting edge software and hardware technologies, MDL keeps your data secure. MDL cloud ...

      Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

      We offer cloud storage solutions in a cost-effective and secure way to keep tabs on your data. With off-site backup, you can rest assured that ...

      Managed Service Provider

      Searching for the best Managed Service Provider in Kansas City? In a rapidly evolving business landscape, navigating the complexities of technology is a challenge no ...

      Preparing For Your Business Success With Seamless Cybersecurity


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