Patch Management

Software is getting more complex and vulnerabilities are being detected regularly across the industry. In just 2013 alone, no less than 459 vulnerabilities have been reported in various versions of Windows operating systems. This is merely an illustration – other operating systems and third party software are equally vulnerable.

For the vast majority of these vulnerabilities, security patches were made available on the day of the discovery or in a very short time thereafter. However, studies show that a large percentage of users had not installed the patches that software companies had released and therefore their systems continued to stay vulnerable and insecure.

Even if your company’s IT staff were quick to download and apply patches, there are users who are travelling with their laptops when the patches were rolled out. Some workstations would be busy with critical tasks and would not be available to IT staff. Some users would be using their own devices to work. The net result is that patch management is seldom 100 percent effective which means vulnerabilities are still an issue.

Managed Patching

SMBs need a managed service that can assure them tightly controlled patch management. At MDL Technology, we provide you centralized patch management that updates all your devices from a single interface under single control. We manage patches for all MS Windows® updates and for over 20 different applications. Not only does our service save you time, it keeps you protected and your workstations stable.

Our patch management services will also ensure that relevant patches are pushed to employees’ laptops whenever they connect, regardless of which part of the world they may be in.

Our dashboards give complete visibility into the update status of your devices. Detailed reports are available that show the percentage of users with updated patches and the patch status of all workstations. This allows quick and effective corrective action and ensures your systems continue to work smoothly.

Patch management is critical. Let the experts take care of it.