Proactive Maintenance

The US Department of Energy says that companies that follow a preventive maintenance policy enjoy the following :

  • A 10x return on investment.

  • 25% to 30% reduced maintenance costs.

  • About 75% fewer breakdowns.

  • About 40% lesser downtime and.

  • About 25% better production.

While the above may largely apply to manufacturing industries, Dell reports that companies that have a viable proactive maintenance plan in place suffer 20% lesser service related problems. Most progressive CIOs and IT heads understand that maintenance is a planned operation whereas repair is generally required due to neglect.

With this background, do we really need to say anything more about the importance of our proactive maintenance service?

Minimize Surprises – Our proactive maintenance services ensure that your patch management is up to date, antivirus databases are current and virus signatures are pushed to all clients on your network. Users who try to perform unauthorized actions are detected in time and prevented, software licenses are kept current and piracy is prevented. These steps alone can save you system downtime, prevent large scale virus infections, minimize legal issues and reduce productivity losses.


Improve system performance – We will ensure that your hardware gives you the best possible performance and conflicts are minimized. Incompatible hardware will be detected early and corrected in time.

With the support of our proactive maintenance service, you will be able to detect components of your IT infrastructure that are likely to create problems and will be able to schedule maintenance activities at a time that is likely to have the least impact on your operations. Compare this to an unplanned shutdown in the middle of a busy day and you can see how proactive maintenance helps you stay in control of your operations.

Our proactive maintenance service helps you maintain better security and meet performance requirements.

Costs are predictable and can be budgeted for in advance. Maintenance services are flexible and available 24×7 in line with your business requirements. We follow a highly structured and proven methodology comprising detection, analysis, corrective action and detailed documentation.

Our detailed reports will help you correct existing problems and circumvent future ones. Further, you can schedule our checks and maintenance activities periodically so as to increase your degree of confidence in your equipment and services and focus on developing new capabilities rather than working against the clock to keep your services going.