Celebrities: How They Can Attack Your Computer With Viruses

The next time you search for your favorite celebrity online, you might want to think twice before clicking a link from a site you aren’t familiar with. That’s because some celebrities are more likely than others to link you to a website with spyware, malware or other viruses.

According to McAfee, Jimmy Kimmel is the most dangerous celebrity to search for online. McAfee said Kimmel has a 19 percent chance of sending your computer to a site that could cause harm. Cyber-criminals use malware and spyware in an attempt to steal your personal information and passwords. Since celebrities are very popular searches online, cyber-criminals target the most popular celebrities to raise their chances of stealing your information.

McAfee lists Bruce Springsteen, Chelsea Handler and Jon Bon Jovi as other dangerous celebrities to search for. And if you’re searching the web in the UK, McAfee wants you to watch out for threats from Cheryl Cole, David Beckham and One Direction band members.

So should you stop clicking on links related to “dangerous” celebrities? No, but there are ways to keep your computer and mobile devices safe. McAfee offers the following advice:

  • Beware of clicking on third party links
  • Use web protection
  • Don’t download videos from sites you don’t know
  • Watch out for “free downloads” – they are the most virus-prone
  • Always use password protection
  • Don’t “log-in” to third party sites – it’s a common form of phishing
  • Utilize a program like Site Advisor when searching online

There’s no reason to be afraid of searching for the celebrities listed above, but you should use caution when visiting sites new to you or that you aren’t familiar with.

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