How Artificial Intelligence Will Influence Cybersecurity In 2020

Did you know that an estimated 230,000 malware codes are created by hackers every day? Cybersecurity is a critical issue involving personal, public and business data. As we start the new year, how will companies combat this global problem?

According to the Wall Street Journal, the answer might be artificial intelligence or AI. In the year ahead, companies that use AI to prevent phishing, malware and breaches will have more success protecting their data from cybersecurity attacks than those that do not.

AI is extremely important as machine learning-based AI capabilities become incorporated into everyday life. Machine learning is a part of artificial intelligence which has proven to be extremely useful when it comes to detecting cyber threats through analyzing data and identifying a weakness in your information systems before it is exploited. In this type of learning, computers use and adapt algorithms based on the data received, learning from it and reporting on the consequent improvements that are required. In a cybersecurity context, this means that machine learning will allow the computer to predict threats and observe any anomalies with much more accuracy than any human can.

AI can save security teams significant amounts of time, especially when it comes to investigating vulnerabilities, patching networks and eliminating false positives. This will be beneficial to cybersecurity organizations as there is expected to be an estimated 3.5-million-person staffing shortage in the industry by 2021.

Three ways AI can help in cybersecurity management is by making better predictions when it comes to threat hunting, vulnerability management, and network security.

  • Threat Hunting
    • AI is able to help analyze behaviors once a baseline has been created. An algorithm created by the AI tool can alert security analysis and complete further investigation when required
  • Vulnerability Management
    • On average, it takes an organization over a month to patch a critical vulnerability. With AI, company security teams can prioritize and manage vulnerabilities before they are exploited.
  • Network Security
    • AI can help networks learn traffic patterns, recommend security policies and group workloads in a more practical way.

Whether its biometric logins or detecting potential threats, more companies are starting to implement AI systems in cybersecurity in 2020. Cybersecurity is a difficult task to accomplish, but AI tools will predict threats will more accuracy than any humans can.

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