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Is AI & ChatGPT A Threat to Cybersecurity?

As small businesses increasingly rely on artificial intelligence (AI) for various operations, concerns about the threat these technologies pose to cybersecurity are on the rise. With the potential for cyber-attacks and data breaches increasing, small businesses must take proactive measures to protect themselves. Fortunately, managed services like developing a formal cybersecurity framework, identifying and eliminating threats, providing end-user education and a host of other tech precautions can help businesses mitigate these risks and protect against cyber threats. 


According to a recent report from IT Web, the sophisticated language processing models used by AI platforms can be used to personalize cyber attacks, which could have disastrous consequences for vulnerable small businesses without proper cybersecurity measures. Cybersecurity attacks can lead to data breaches, financial losses, and damage to a company’s reputation. In addition, small businesses that experience cyber attacks risk losing their customers’ trust and loyalty, which can be challenging and costly to regain. These attacks can also result in legal and regulatory penalties for businesses that fail to protect sensitive information. 


AI tools like Chat GPT can benefit small businesses — you just have to ensure you’re protected against threats first. With the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks, small businesses must take the necessary measures to protect themselves and their customers. Then, depending on your small business’s product or service offerings, there may be different ways to leverage AI technology. Below, we look at two of the most common areas where AI tools can help small businesses thrive and how MDL Technology’s managed services can help.

How AI Can Help With Customer Service

Starting small, organizing your emails and files with AI assists is a great first step for small businesses looking to incorporate AI tools. Automating your social media messages and communications with customers can be a good time saver and another way to strengthen your relationships with customers using AI tools. 

Given how common it is for small businesses to be short-staffed, keeping your clients happy and making them feel listened to is a top priority. That’s why even incorporating simple measures, like chat support responses, can contribute to your success. The improvements in AI technology mean that automated responses and robot-run customer service can make it feel like customers are actually talking to human employees, giving you more time to tend to your business — and could potentially make you more money. 

Take a look at the following five AI apps and platforms that are sure to take your business to the next level, as recommended by Longshot AI: 


1. Zendesk

With expertise in customer service, Zendesk offers services ranging from a ticketing system for troubleshooting customer service issues to live chat support, email support and phone support. Having a live customer service system in place provides your customers and your small business with many benefits, including: 

  • Buying you time to run your business more efficiently.
  • Boosting productivity.
  • Building better and stronger client relationships and more.

Get started at https://www.zendesk.com/.


2. ChatBot

Customer service and relationship management is no joke, so it makes sense to hire the help of someone who specializes in it. ChatBot encourages the customer to talk with them and engage in conversations, ultimately resolving any issue and avoiding the anger involved with most chat support services. Not only do they get the customer to interact with them more, but they provide graphics, buttons, and other light elements in their responses to make the customer support experience seamless and enjoyable. Get started at https://www.chatbot.com/.


3. Hubspot CRM

Perfect for marketing and sales efforts, Hubspot keeps a detailed database of customers, campaign performances, and more. This is the perfect tool for small businesses that like to keep their consumers aware of the latest product releases and promotions and build loyalty in the process. It’s worth noting, however, that Hubspot is not just for marketing — paying for this service is only worth it if you are interested in the sales side of your business, too. Hubspot can flawlessly combine and leverage both worlds to help you exceed goals and grow your base. Get started at https://www.hubspot.com/products/crm.


4. Wingman

Do you have a spotty memory, a lot going on in your work life, or both? Wingman is an AI software that serves as a personal assistant and minute-taker all in one. This tool transcribes every call you have, whether video or phone. Even better? You won’t have to waste time rereading everything when the call ends. Instead, you can simply look at the bookmarked sections that Wingman marks as important highlights during the live call. Get started at https://www.trywingman.com/.


5. Recotap

Are you looking for more marketing-based help? Recotap may be right for you! This platform provides automated targeted marketing tactics to help get more traffic and conversions on your site. Recotap takes insights from customers’ activity, recognizes patterns, and presents new opportunities from its learnings to bring you more qualified business leads. Get started at https://recotap.com/.

How AI Can Assist With Content Creation For Small Businesses

Hiring creative agencies can burn a significant hole in your pocket, but not everyone has a knack for design when it comes to producing content in-house. There are two areas of content creation in which AI software may be able to help your business: trend participation and organic content creation. 

Leveraging Social Media Trends

All that is new is exciting in the world of social media. Participating in social media trends is now practically a requirement for your small business’s success. Not only does participating get you brand awareness but if done correctly, your content will go viral and get you free publicity (you can even make money if you gain enough followers and engagement)! While you should always try to incorporate who you are and what your business is about when creating social media content, there’s nothing wrong with hopping on a random trend to gain attention. Whether you use an artistic AI filter, an AI tool to help come up with captions, or even an AI content generator, your business is sure to do nothing but benefit from adopting these new advances. 

How AI Tools Can Create New Content For Small Businesses

For original content, several apps and filters now use AI to produce intricate, unique pieces of art. Social media content can get repetitive and stale, often stemming from templates found online that hundreds or thousands of other companies already use. Creating new, unique content draws the attention of new and existing customers. Not to mention, AI works based on the context you give it, so the content created by any AI will speak solely about your small business and tell that story to your customers. 

Here are the top content generation apps to get you started, recommended by RennaissanceRachel.com and LinkedIn.com:

1.Jasper AI

Regardless of what copy you need to create, Jasper can likely do it for you. Trusted by the biggest names in business, this AI platform can help you flourish in social media, advertising, art, website, and any other aspects of your small business. From simple, mundane tasks like automating emails, writing an Instagram caption, creating images and even writing a press release, this AI software can do it all. Get started at https://www.jasper.ai/.


2. WriteMe.AI

WriteMe.AI may seem like any other copywriting platform, but it’s quite more. While it can take care of your copy needs, this up-and-coming platform does virtually everything. Take advantage of e-commerce help, project management tasks, chatbot services, content ideas, multilingual content, and freelancers for hire! Get started at https://writeme.ai/.


3. Surfer

Are you having SEO issues? Of all the things that come with running a small business (especially in today’s online world), SEO writing and maintenance can be one of the most challenging to conquer. Luckily, Surfer is solely SEO focused and has won many awards over the last few years. The best part about Surfer? You can browse through an SEO writer directory and get the help of a professional of your choice, learn the SEO writing ropes and add it to your skillset — or you can do both! Surfer gives you access to the top keywords for your industry at any given time, allowing you to leverage them even more in all your different types of content. Get started at https://surferseo.com/.

4. Anyword

Long gone are the days of researching your customers and keeping up with the slang and traits of different generations. If you’re looking for a marketing assistant to help with any website copy, product descriptions, titles, CTA’s, or anything similar, Anyword may be the right tool for you. Even better, Anyword can recommend the right audience for your product or service and create the perfect content for your target demographic! Get started at https://anyword.com/.


5. HyperWrite

With all the new, widely accessible cheat sheets in AI technology-powered copywriting, it can be easy to lose your sense of identity and unique tone as a small business. Not sounding robotic or repetitive is a key to content success. Thankfully, HyperWrite takes your branding and usual style of writing and applies it to all new content. Maintaining your authenticity, voice, and style also helps maintain and grow customer relationships. Get started at https://hyperwriteai.com/.

MDL Can Protect Small Businesses That Use AI Technology

Staying on top of technology and its newest trends always benefit small businesses. This may add another daily responsibility for employees, but the good news is that AI can take some other work off your plate. Whether you choose to make your small business more accessible online and have AI tools to manage customer service or use AI for social media, participating in trends and new tech will provide your business with more brand awareness than you ever thought possible. To protect your small business when using AI tools like ChatGPT and others, managed services can provide the necessary support and expertise to ensure that businesses are adequately protected against cyber threats.

While AI integrations can automate your business’s day-to-day revenue generation tasks, it is important to remember that only an experienced IT provider can protect your business and its data. Before you get involved with third-party providers, make sure you set up your cloud, create a disaster recovery plan and take care of any other managed services needs with MDL. Get started at https://bit.ly/3zbYqR4


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