KCI Auto Auction Experiences Best Year Of Sales Ever After Signing On MDL For CRM Implementation And Management

KCI Auto Auction Experiences Best Year Of Sales Ever After Signing On MDL For CRM Implementation And Management

Summary The KCI Auto Auction is one of the most successful and well known auto auction facilities in the region, but they wanted to be even more successful. The independent wholesale auto auction needed a more streamlined management system to track their leads and manage projects to increase sales and raise profits. So they retained MDL for managed services and assistance with their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) processes. As a result of working with MDL, the KCI Auto Auction has sold more cars than ever in its history and has increased profits and sales tenfold. That kind of growth is why KCI Auto Auction continues to work with MDL.


Why KCI Auto Auction Retained MDL Before retaining MDL, KCI Auto Auction had numerous problems with their CRM systems and programs. They weren’t able to access their information remotely through their current program. They also weren’t able to customize the CRM tools to their business processes and needs, which was extremely important to them. CRM success relies on a great group of data points and reporting, neither of which the Auto Auction was getting. They were getting a limited set of data that was not helpful in obtaining their profit and sales goals. How MDL Assists KCI Auto Auction Mark Dryer, CEO of MDL, said, “One of the first things to help the Auto Auction with was to get them away from the CRM program they were using and get them set up with Microsoft Dynamics. They were using a custom program developed by the developer of their primary auction applications, but it wasn’t providing results.” That’s why CRM hosting and development was on the top of the list of things for MDL to assist the KCI Auto Auction with. In addition to CRM assistance, MDL also provides managed services, offsite data backup and a high availability data server and internet solution. Dryer said, “The server and internet solution ensures KCI Auto Auction has access to their critical business resources during their sale day and that they do not experience any downtime or delays to maximize sales opportunities. We proactively monitor their network to maximize uptime, and we implemented solutions to guarantee that their network will be operational during their on-site sales. We provide on-site support during their sale day to quickly resolve any IT issues should they happen.” Success With MDL Steve Goettling, assistant general manager at KCI Auto Auction, can’t get enough of the positive returns the Auction has experienced working with MDL. Goettling said, “With the guidance and expertise of MDL Technology, LLC, we’ve been able to successfully integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM into our system. We use CRM to manage all of our sales initiatives for approximately 20 sales professionals, and we couldn’t be happier with how it’s improved our business. Our team loves how intuitive the software is and the fact that it makes it easier for us to track leads, sales and manage projects. Last year, thanks to the streamlining of our business, we sold more cars than ever before in the history of the company. In our opinion, all these features make the CRM software a true ROI-driven model that increases growth, performance and profits. MDL Technology has been invaluable in implementing the CRM system!” Recommendations For Companies Like KCI Auto Auction Dryer said, “The best thing other auctioneers or businesses with similar platforms to KCI Auto Auction to do is find the solution that best fits their sales and marketing processes. Integration with their line-of-business applications is of the utmost importance to provide real time access to key performance indicators.” According to Microsoft Dynamics, Customer Relationship Management nurtures customer satisfaction and loyalty across multiple departments while reducing costs and increasing profitability. Customer relationship management is not only about business growth but also strong personal bonding with people. Development of this type of bonding drives the business to new levels of success. MDL understands the importance of CRM tools and techniques and has experienced high levels of success in implementing programs that work. The success with KCI Auto Auction showcases how MDL works and how MDL can help your company optimize your systems and practices to result in higher profit margins and sales. About MDL MDL Technology is a Kansas City IT company that specializes in worry-free computer support by providing solutions for around-the-clock network monitoring, hosting, data recovery and off-site backup security. For 11 years, MDL has partnered with companies to design, build and install network systems to fit the needs of its organization. Associates are trained by MDL’s teams to maintain a smoothly running network for their companies. About KCI Auto Auction KCI Kansas City offers a wide range of remarketing services including reconditioning, inspections, transportation, salvage auctions, equipment auctions, and Internet auctions. KCI Kansas City re-markets vehicles for wholesale consignors including dealers, manufacturers, rental car companies, banks, finance and leasing institutions. Read more about KCI Auto Auction here.

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