Mark Dryer Shares Security Tips to Keep Your Data Safe

Many businesses will experience a catastrophic data loss this year. Here are some tips and advice from Mark Dryer, CEO of MDL Technology, about how to keep data safe.

  • Keep sensitive data in a central location.  Limiting the number of data storage sources simplifies your security strategy.

  • Make sure that your data is stored in an encrypted file system.

  • Emails containing sensitive data should be encrypted.

  • Implement firewalls and antivirus programs that utilize the most current antivirus/anti spyware/IPS services to eliminate external threats. Implement a patching system so that all operating systems and applications remain current.

  • Secure the data so that only the people that require access to the information are able to access the information.

  • Develop a strategy for accounting for data saved on external storage and retired computer assets.

  • Review and audit your security policies and practices to make sure that they address the latest security threats.

  • Use BIOS / hard drive passwords for laptops and mobile storage devices containing sensitive data to prevent them from being accessed in the event that they are lost or stolen.

  • If you follow some or all of these tips, you will have a better chance of not only keeping your brand safe, but more importantly your customers safe as well.

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