MDL Technology Enhances City Of Pleasant Valley’s IT Productivity & Decreases Downtime

The City of Pleasant Valley, Mo. retained MDL Technology, LLC, a Kansas City IT and managed services company, to provide managed network services for all computers and servers in all city departments and 24/7 support for the City, Court, Fire and Police departments. Georgia Fox, City Clerk, said, “Our previous provider was not responsive in a timely manner, and we had issues with our website. Since retaining MDL, our downtime has been minimal and we’ve received quick support when problems arise.”

Why Pleasant Valley Retained MDL

Prior to working with MDL Technology, Pleasant Valley had a lot of problems keeping its website up and running. When they would contact tech support with their previous managed service company, they would not get a quick response.

Pleasant Valley’s previous provider typically worked after hours to maintain computer systems, which didn’t allow employees the ability to interact with IT support to understand and resolve issues. It could also be days at a time before IT would return support calls when problems would arise.

How MDL Assists Pleasant Valley

Fox said the biggest thing MDL helps the City with is being more efficient. Fox added, “Their staff helped us with a computer and server upgrade which went well and caused very little down time for us and our website.”

Mark Dryer, CEO of MDL, said, “MDL has a guaranteed one hour response time, but in fact typically returns calls or emails within 15 minutes.” This response time further helps the city to remain efficient and not have downtime when it comes to support systems.

Dryer noted how MDL further assists each department in Pleasant Valley individually:

  • Fire Department
    • Help maintain firehouse software
    • Implemented reliable cloud-based backup system that backs up data nightly
    • Prior to support from MDL, the Fire Department lacked a reliable offsite backup of their data.
  • Police Department
    • Provide 24/7 computer support to dispatchers, officers and detectives, who require immediate access to critical data during traffic stops and investigations
    • Assist in maintaining full-time VPN connection to the City of Kansas City, Mo. and the State of Missouri. The connection is used to gain access to criminal justice information
    • Assisted in setting up new digital fingerprint system
  • City Courts
    • Make sure computer systems are functioning properly during court hearings and procedures
    • Maintain servers, computers and communications through wireless networks
  • City Hall
    • Ensure accounting systems are functioning properly
    • Assist with maintenance of city’s website
    • Maintain recording systems and ensure functionality during board meetings
    • Assist city employees with annual city IT budgets

Success With MDL

Fox said the transition from to MDL Technology from the previous provider was smooth and caused little downtime. She’s already happy with MDL’s help with software the city already has. Fox said, “MDL has helped us through issues with other provider’s software. This saves us money in some cases where software providers charge on a per call basis for tech support.”

When asked if she would recommend MDL Technology to other businesses and government offices for managed services, Fox gave a resounding yes and said, “MDL has provided us with excellent service!”

Recommendations For Government Entities Like Pleasant Valley

Dryer said MDL’s experience in dealing with the various IT requirements and issues of the different departments of a local government helped them be successful with Pleasant Valley and can help with any group of government offices. Dryer said, “We understand the budget constraints of local governments and are able to maximize the ROI of each dollar spent. We come up with long term technology plans that can reduce the long term costs through utilization of some of the most current technologies.”

About MDL

MDL Technology is a Kansas City IT company that specializes in worry-free computer support by providing solutions for around-the-clock network monitoring, hosting, data recovery and off-site backup security. For 11 years, MDL has partnered with companies to design, build and install network systems to fit the needs of its organization. Associates are trained by MDL’s teams to maintain a smoothly running network for their companies.

About The City of Pleasant Valley, Mo.

Pleasant Valley is a community in Clay County, Missouri and is part of the Kansas City metropolitan area. It is a city of 2,961 residents and is approximately one square mile in area. City offices are currently located at 6500 Royal Street. The current Police Department consists of a Chief of Police, nine full-time and eight part-time officers, a communications section manager and eight communications officers. The Fire Department consists of a Chief and 40 part-time and volunteer firefighters, paramedics and EMTs.

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