Cloud Computing

Hosted Applications

The cloud has evolved from simply offering cheap storage to becoming the application powerhouse it is today. Most of us understand by now the basic concepts behind cloud computing. Yet we look at the specific aspect of hosted applications and how they can be of use to your business.
First – the concepts. Think of a hosted application as an application that is running in the cloud, in a data center somewhere and you and other users connect to the application using the Internet. The vendor offers you the service in a format known as “Software as a Service” which is often shortened and written “SaaS”.

Hosted Applications

In a SaaS environment, the same application program could be used by many thousands of users. They would each login over the Internet and create a session. The program would run in the browser they use and the data they generate would be kept segregated for each user (or defined group of users). Since many users are operating common software, the hosting company making the software available can offer very low usage costs and bill by the hour for using their software.

There are some very major advantages to using hosted applications.

  • The responsibility of managing the application lies with the vendor. You simply buy licenses for the application.
  • Since the application is already installed and running in the cloud, you can get a license and begin using the application almost instantaneously.
  • Applications are kept updated so that users use the most recent version.
  • The service provider can see which areas of the application are used most heavily and where any bottlenecks are being experienced. This ensures that application development is closely tailored to emerging user requirements.
  • The overall application is far more robust as your data is replicated into multiple data centers. This allows for more elaborate disaster recovery procedures in place.

A lesser understood or discussed advantage lies in the fact that instead of buying software, you are renting it. This shifts the expenses from capital expense (Capex) to an operating expense (Opex), making tax implications much lower. If your company uses SaaS for most of its operations, there can be very significant savings.
However, there are some issues related to SaaS that trouble IT managers, including security and control over data if they decide to switch vendors?
This is why MDL Technology steps in as an interface to help you. While you may be new to cloud computing, we are not. We will help you select and license a solution that is appropriate to your needs and work with you to ensure you get the best out of the licenses you pay for. Hosting your servers in the cloud, preparing for disaster recovery or running complex enterprise class applications such as an online CRM, MDL Technology will work for you to ensure you get the best possible capabilities from the cloud.

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