Tech Necessities For Your Start-Up Business

With everything that is needed to create a successful start-up, it can be easy for things to be forgotten. But your business’ technological needs shouldn’t be one of them. From creating a security plan to making sure your software is up-to-date, technology is a crucial part of protecting your business. Because after all, according to Embroker, only 10% of start-up businesses succeed. Learn more with these simple tips and tricks to making sure your start-up is safe and secure:

  • Encourage a Formal Security Plan
    • According to QAT Global, it’s important to ask these simple questions about data security when creating a start-up.
      • What kind of data is being stored?
      • Who has access to the data and under what circumstances?
      • Is there a response plan to theft or data loss?
  • Store Minimal Information & Maintain The Latest Software
    • At the beginning of a new business, it’s important to keep less data on file. According to QAT Global, start-ups should only gather customer data that is essential to the business so there is less information to lose in case of an attack. You can help prevent a cyberattack by making sure your software stays up-to-date. Make sure your start-up’s antivirus software runs after every update and new software is installed as soon as it’s available.
  • Educate Your Employees
    • According to a report from Varonis, 34% of data breaches involve people who already have access to company data. As a start-up, it’s important to start fresh and make sure that your employees are trained on how to avoid any internal mishap. A few tips employees should keep in mind:
      • When using personal devices, they should be password-protected.
      • Avoid clicking on anything suspicious or opening unknown emails.
      • Be sure to hover over links to assure they are valid.

At MDL Technology, your company’s security is our number one concern. By offering services such as 24/7 support, network monitoring, offsite data backups, auditing and compliance and more, we help ensure that you don’t need to stress about your team’s private information becoming public. Learn more about the services we offer by visiting our website.

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