The Best Cyber Security Practices for 2020

Did you know that there are an estimated 200 billion connected devices in the world? As the number of devices continues to increase, so do the security risks associated with these devices.

According to Latest Hacking News, there are four simple ways you can help protect your business from a cyber attack. Because after all, a cyber attack can happen to any company.

First, it’s important to update your phone. Some people may not update their phone in fear that they won’t like the update, and others may ignore the update request altogether. However, phone updates often address security vulnerabilities and limit bugs.

Second, only use a public WiFi network if it’s the last possible option. Since these networks are often not secured, hackers are able to easily access the information you enter when connected to public WiFi. If you need to hop on public WiFi, be sure to only use HTTPS websites and have a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) on your device.

Next, because of the massive amounts of cyberattacks, it’s always important to remember to back up your devices to a cloud provider or secure network. This way, you can recover all your messages, pictures and data in case of a cyber attack.

As your company connects more devices to your network, preventing a cyber-attack within your business can be made easy if you follow the above steps. At MDL Technology, your company’s security is our No. 1 concern. By offering services such as 24/7 support, network monitoring, offsite data backups, auditing and compliance and more we help ensure that you don’t need to stress about your team’s private information becoming public. Learn more about the services we offer by visiting our website.

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