What You Need To Know About Computer Viruses

‘Virus’ is a blanket term typically used to reference computer malware. Malware simply stands for malicious software. Viruses and malware usually have two main functions: to spread and do cause damage or theft. They also possess the ability to avoid detection and replicate.

Hoax emails that warn about viruses are becoming increasingly popular. According to the University of Cambridge, emails such as these typically ask you to forward the “warning” to as many people as possible. Do not open or forward these, delete them.

A study by toptenreviews revealed that 32% of the worlds computers were affected with some type of malware, of that 57% is viruses. Even more shocking 27 million new strains of malware were developed last year.

It’s becoming increasingly important that your computer have some sort of antivirus or security program. In addition to having software protection on your computer, it’s also highly important that you make smart choices while surfing the web and opening up emails.

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