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Why Every Company Should Use Voice Over IP

One good phone call can land a new client, cement an agreement or forge a new relationship. So why would you put the value of clear and dependable communication on the back burner?

Analog phones just won’t cut it for many companies across the globe, and more and more companies are making the transition to Voice Over IP, more commonly known as VoIP. 

Curious about what VoIP is and what it can do for your company? Here are the top benefits of switching to this streamlined voice communication system.

What is VoIP?

Voice Over IP is a phone system that uses a Wi-Fi connection to function instead of traditional landline strategies. VoIP is not a new concept (the idea for VoIP was developed in 1995). But over the years, recent breakthroughs in technology have been piling on unique benefits for switching to a VoIP phone system over an analog phone system. 

What does VoIP replace?

VoIP replaces the need for companies to use landlines as their strategies for taking and making phone calls. With an analog phone, you need to be corded up to a desk to manage company phone calls. In addition, a phone bill can be hefty (and separate from a Wi-Fi bill), and distance calls cost extra. VoIP takes care of these limitations, but it also improves your team’s communication systems. 

What are the Benefits of VoIP?

Lower overall costs

Leveraging VoIP phone systems offers significant direct and indirect cost decreases. A VoIP phone system uses a broadband connection over a Private Branch Exchange, dramatically lowering hardware costs. A VoIP subscription usually covers management, fixes and other recurring expenses that aren’t baked into an analog phone system. From cheaper calls to getting more bang for your buck, there are several reasons why VoIP is the cost-effective choice. 

Less hardware

VoIP phone systems do away with much of the hardware that analog phone systems require. This results in a more agile, flexible and portable communication system. Some companies may prefer to utilize VoIP phones. Others may use a computer, internet connection and headset to handle calls. You can even simply use an analog phone adapter if you already have analog phones. The setup is up to the discretion of the company.

Your team can use VoIP from anywhere

Thanks to the hardware and software portability, both remote and in-office team members can use the same system to take and make calls. 

Better security

If there is one thing that everyone can agree on both personally and professionally, fraudulent calls are annoying. But more than annoying, they are a potential security threat. A VoIP system management team supports more secure identity management through encryption, audits and training on best security practices.

Cheaper long-distance calls

Where analog systems tend to only support local or domestic calls, VoIP systems can make and take calls from around the globe for the same or similar costs to local calls. 

More organized communication methods 

While analog systems keep phone communications completely separate, VoIP systems consolidate different forms of communication for easy organization, tracking and management. 

Multi-party calling capabilities

One of the biggest draws for many companies is the ease with which you can accommodate conference calls with a VoIP phone system. Many VoIP phone systems can set up and execute conference calls into the subscription, so there is no need to pay for a separate conference call software or platform. 

Easier scalability

Whether you’re growing, preparing for growth, or not sure if you’ll grow, having an easily scalable phone system is less to worry about as a business owner. Your company can use the same number for every location (or switch it up — it’s up to you). You also don’t need to buy tons of new landlines with every wave of new hires.

Better sound quality

Since their emergence, VoIP phone systems have made leaps and bounds in phone sound quality. As a result, they are now known as the more dependable and clear option than analog phone systems. While this clarity is dependent on a solid internet connection, it’s much less common to experience lag, dropped calls or that “speaker sounds 10 miles away” issue. 

Increased accessibility for team members

VoIP phone systems allow your team to manage phone calls from wherever they need to, whether it’s the office, a satellite location or their living room. This offers more flexibility both to your team and your overall business model.

Customizable solutions

Many VoIP subscription models have the option for add-ons, so businesses can have as many or as few bells and whistles as they’d like. This creates the opportunity for customization from a robust, enterprise-level system to a simple and economical option. 

Easier usability for your team

When everyone follows the same process for taking and making calls, no matter where they are, there is less confusion regarding onboarding, management and execution.

What you need to install VoIP

Ensure an internet connection

The most important tool you need to set up VoIP is a dependable, consistent and robust broadband connection. The stronger the connection, the more seamless the calls. 

Choose a subscription

Choosing a comprehensive subscription like MDL’s Voice Over IP system will help you tailor-make a plan that has everything you need and nothing you don’t. 

Confirm a VoIP number

Confirming a VoIP number strategy can be as simple or complex as you need. For example, some companies only need one number. In contrast, others will want to leverage different area codes for different customer bases to establish local trust. 

Secure the necessary hardware

You can use a VoIP-specific phone, add an adapter to analog phones, or simply use your computer — it’s up to you to decide what works best for your team. All of these options are possible with VoIP!

How MDL can help

One more important benefit of switching to a VoIP phone system is that when you work with MDL, you won’t have to worry about the transition.

MDL will handle installation from start to finish

Our team will plan, manage and execute the VoIP setup for your company, from securing hardware to system maintenance. 

Management, troubleshooting and monitoring of VoIP system

Every new system comes with a learning curve. But, when you work with MDL, you have a team dedicated to the system’s training, management and troubleshooting as you work through the transition. 

24/7 help desk support

If your team ever runs into issues with your VoIP phone system, our IT help desk is here to help with a specific number for after-hours support to get help whenever you need it. 

Help to secure other voice services

VoIP isn’t the only voice service that can elevate your business. You can have your end-to-end communication systems covered, from CCaaS and UCaaS Solutions to Mobility Solutions to IP Telephone Equipment and Accessories.

At MDL, we make it a priority to implement the best communication services for your business. The ability to clearly and effectively communicate with clients, partners, investors and stakeholders is crucial. We can be with you every step of the way as you transition to a dependable and economical solution. To learn more about our voice services, chat with MDL Technology today.

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