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How Managed IT Services Help Improve Business Communication

Trends come and go, but one thing remains true — communication is key. The expression may be overplayed, but the sentiment stands the test of time.

Successful business communication is three things: efficient, cost-effective and secure. First, your company needs to be able to share large amounts of data between team members and know that it will be shared quickly, easily and securely. It needs to leverage minimal pieces of hardware for maximal amounts of communication. Finally, it must understand that all internal conversations, data and information won’t fall into the wrong hands.

The idea of business communication spans so much farther than picking up a phone call. Whether you’re talking about communication between partners, team members, clients or anyone that helps your business thrive, reliable communication holds it all together. If you feel like your communication fell off the wagon, Managed IT services could be the help you need to get back on track with internal communication.

Here are some ways that managed IT services can improve business communication.

A customized game plan and seamless execution

Knowing you need better communication but not knowing where to start can be overwhelming for any team. Some teams find that updating internal infrastructure like business communication strategies is at the bottom of the priority list. When you have so many other goals to focus on, it’s easy to procrastinate. Other companies may be turned off by the time, energy and bug fixing that goes into a significant business transition.

But, the longer you have business communication on the back burner, the less happy you’ll be with your current plan.

Managed Service Providers can help you create a business communication strategy that works for you and your company. For example, large international companies need different communication strategies than small mom-and-pop shops. IT managed services can help you find the right balance between having all the benefits you need and paying for the additions you don’t.

Excellent managed IT services will also help you quickly execute a new strategy with minimal speed bumps, bugs or downtime. The right managed services team will also offer a 24/7 help desk and great technical support so your team can focus on making your company money.

Better infrastructure for communication

In our current world, there are several ways that we can connect with our partners, clients and teams — and companies should feel comfortable reaching out to any of them. Here are just a few methods of communication that companies should feel confident using.

Voice Over IP and Voice Solutions

So much of business still happens over the phone — and audio and video to be deployed in one single media and integrated into a network take this traditional form of communication into the present.

VoIP (a phone system that uses a wifi connection) is not a new concept — the idea for VoIP was developed in 1995. But over the years, recent breakthroughs in technology have helped businesses cut costs, decrease clunky hardware and work seamlessly with just a Wi-Fi connection.

From software installation to new hardware, an IT Managed Services team offers the proper planning, engineering, installation and maintenance of these structures to ensure that connectivity across the business is seamless and efficient.

These advances in communications help optimize expenditure, operational cost and collaboration across the organization.

High-Capacity Transport

When communication includes transporting data efficiently and securely, high-capacity transport is critical. High-capacity transport solutions like Wave, Fiber and DWDM are optical fiber technologies that increase the bandwidth of existing fiber networks — this means sending large amounts of data faster and more seamlessly.

A data transport strategy that can scale with company growth can foster constant connectivity and seamless business operations so you can send data quickly and confidently.


Communication starts and ends with a strong and secure internet connection. The cost of a slow internet connection these days can mean the loss of ongoing and potential business. As your business bandwidth needs increase, most cloud applications and data centers perform better on a dedicated network.

There’s no better value than greater reliability, better security and improved customer service for higher performance and better communication throughout your workforce and operations.

Improves hybrid office communication

63% of high-growth companies have incorporated hybrid work models into their business strategies, and that percentage is only climbing. But companies with a hybrid office have faced many challenges with efficient communication between in-office and remote workers, and the proper infrastructure can make all the difference.

Resources like a virtual desktop, remote security measures and cloud computing will ensure that your workers have the same experience, training and opportunities throughout their workday.

Improves speed and quality of communication

There’s nothing more frustrating than poor communication — and your business communication infrastructure can make or break that quality.

An internal IT team may not have the time or resources to stay on top of the newest trends in business technology. By outsourcing your consulting, you can work with a company that spends all its time and resources curating the best way to connect with teams. Using a managed services team gives you direct access to the latest and greatest technology, software, hardware and concepts that offer the best possible experience.

For example, switching to Voice Over IP can lead to a clearer call. VoIP phone systems have made leaps and bounds in phone sound quality compared to analog phones. As a result, they are now known as a more dependable option than analog phone systems. All you need is a strong internet connection to experience significantly less lag, dropped calls or fuzzy sound.

Cuts unnecessary costs

One of the most noticeable benefits of finding the right business communication plan for your company can be as simple as the bottom line. Did you know that, according to CompTIA, over 46% of companies that leverage managed services have cut their annual IT costs by over 25% or more?

An á la carte plan is perfect for companies that want to cut costs without feeling like their strategy is lacking. When you choose a program with everything you need and nothing you don’t, you aren’t paying for useless extras. MSPs provide services for a fixed recurring cost, depending on your service levels. That means prices are predictable and scalable, and you don’t need to choose an entirely new infrastructure as your business grows.

Creates dependable data storage

One of the most critical aspects of business communication is sharing, storing and organizing company data.

whopping 94% of enterprises use cloud computing to house their data. Still, not all companies are confident in their cloud computing software. Understanding what you want from a cloud service can help you avoid cloud computing mistakes and choose the right program for your company.

Not only is cloud computing incredibly responsive, but it’s fast and easy to search and pull up information as you need it. You also can work from anywhere without being tied to an office desk, giving employees the flexibility to be more productive with easy access to resources. This means business communication and data storage can be improved for team members worldwide.

Keeps communication secure

Did you know that the average lifecycle of an average data breach is 212 days to identify a breach and 75 days to contain a breach?

Not all communication should be public. Malware, phishing scams, and data breaches will all damage internal communication. From brownouts to downtime to data held hostage, cyberattacks can bring internal communication, external connections and money-making efforts can come to a screeching halt for a stressful amount of time. Getting impacted systems back up and running when they have been targeted by hackers can take several days to fix.

When you want your communication, business information and data to stay secure, an managed IT service team can deliver. From network monitoring to helping facilitate employee training, improving cybersecurity improves overall communication.

And with a dedicated team to work around the clock on fixing any bugs, any issues that arise are caught quickly and resolved smoothly.

At MDL Technology, your company’s secure communication is our primary concern. By offering services such as 24/7 support, voice over IP, offsite data backups, communication infrastructure and more, we help ensure that you don’t need to stress about your team’s private information becoming public. Learn more about the services we offer by visiting our website.

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