Dealing with a Digital Disaster? These Five Cybersecurity Tools Can Help

Nothing can ruin a day quicker than that gut-wrenching feeling that something with your online presence is very, very wrong. Questions immediately flood your head, like: “Is this going to take minutes or weeks to fix?” “Does our team know how to handle this?” “Will we have to notify our stakeholders?” “Will we come back


What is Enterprise Mobility and How Does it Benefit Your Business?

If a company with enterprise mobility is a sleek sports car, a company without enterprise mobility is a bulky jalopy. So which would your company rather be? Enterprise mobility can sound like a bit of a buzzphrase. Still, this common business tactic can significantly increase a company’s efficiency, productivity and bottom line by ensuring that


National Cybersecurity Awareness Month: 4 Core Cybersecurity Actions

  Did you know that October is Cybersecurity Awareness month?   While we promote cybersecurity all year long, every October is an opportunity to engage with the public on the newest and best ways to protect personal and professional data. This month, IT and cybersecurity professionals speak up on the latest trends and opportunities in


Is Your Health Care Company Prepared for a Cyberattack in 2022?

Cyberattacks and data breaches can happen to companies of all sizes and industries, but data supports that cybersecurity in health care is especially essential.    Why is that? Well, there are several reasons: Health care companies store copious amounts of high-value data. Patients’ medical information is more valuable on the black market than credit card


What We Can Learn from the Twitter Cybersecurity Negligence Allegations

The news that a whistleblower accused Twitter of severe cybersecurity negligence hit the internet by storm in late August of 2022. Though the story is new and unfolding, no one in the industry can deny that this is big news.   While Twitter denies the claims of cybersecurity negligence, this whistleblower’s grievances can be an


Cybersecurity 101: Tips for Protecting Data in Education Systems

It’s back to school time for students everywhere! Kids are signing up for classes, choosing electives, and entering new school systems with shiny folders and sharpened pencils.  Every student that walks through those doors offers personal data to school systems to track and store, from grades to addresses to mental health information. When they offer


Your Questions Answered: Network Monitoring

Have you ever spent time at a baseball game? One moment you could be eating a hot dog and enjoying the game; the next, you may be icing a black eye from a stray foul ball. If only you had a warning well in advance to duck — you’d avoid weeks of bruising and pain. 


How Managed IT Services Help Improve Business Communication

Trends come and go, but one thing remains true — communication is key. The expression may be overplayed, but the sentiment stands the test of time. Successful business communication is three things: efficient, cost-effective and secure. First, your company needs to be able to share large amounts of data between team members and know that


7 Crucial Steps To A Dependable Disaster Recovery Plan

You can do many things to help your business, but one of the most important is establishing a strong and dependable disaster recovery plan. Unfortunately, 43% of businesses without a business continuity plan will go out of business in the wake of a significant data loss. Are you willing to take those odds? Hopefully, you never need


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